Saturday, August 5, 2017

Worldwide Communion with Michael Of Nebadon

Beloved One,

Verily do I say to Mine children of the earth ..I am returned here and now in the garment of flesh and temporal form. I have prepared thine way to freedom and clarity in the Universal Father who lives in thee.

The University Of Salvington is My Retreat Seminary for those who desire transformation into their own Second Birth of Light and Life - the Immortal Garment of eternal Life everlasting must be prepared for, refined in you. The Kingdom of God seeks to dwell more completely in the hearts of Mine children. I am offering this learning opportunity for those who have the faith and trust of a child.

I say unto thee, my beloved children, that my Paradise Father is not confined by human organization nor is He limited by dogmatic concepts in the minds of human beings. He is not the God only of this religion or that sect.

All are welcomed into His Kingdom of Light, insofar as ye make thine decision to enter therein, and ye are willing and cooperative...eager and athirst to attain the living of His Will and Plan.

All those receptive of my Father God shall come to sit down with us in the Father’s Kingdom, and yet, many shall refuse to enter this next two thousand year cycle wherein the omnipotence of His Love and Life shall reign supreme.

Humanity shall experience interacting with the living network of His Supremacy...the Host of Heaven...and the Order of the Immortal Ones. My Father shall rule within all; for His spirit shall take up fuller residence in the hearts and minds, and bodies of the children of men.

The power of His Sovereign Kingdom shall be comprised of the establishing of His glory...the living glory of His spirit which presides directly with each living soul and personality. This living spirit shall teach those receptive minds and will overtake rule within the hearts of the populace of this heavenly kingdom.

The newly-found sons of God shall find themselves walking in a brotherhood of mercy wherein righteousness reigns over all supremely. Thine civilization shall become righteous and knowledgeable regarding the gift of free will. Peace and acceptance for any differences shall be reinstituted first in the soul of each personality, and then, it will be externalized in all the systems of this world. Thine race shall be made to evolve and mature in a more unlimited fashion.

His Kingdom and Sovereignty is the fulfillment of all good men and women throughout all time and space within this planetary sphere. It is the everpresent hope of all and every Kingdom within this Earth. It will be the completion of a certain octave or frequency wherein all will have a greater ease and chance to graduate and complete their rounds of expression.

Yet, for all those who have the courage and willingness to cooperate in order to enter into this Kingdom of Light, there will be the intensity of challenges and tests given in order to prime thee and make thee men and women who have become gods.

I am inviting all Mine earth children to enter and learn with Me.

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Michael Of Nebadon

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