Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Mine coming into your view

Mine coming into your view shall stir thee into seeking of the new exalted order of humanity.

I come to purify the heart, and to ignite the spiritual urge in you for growth .. for advancement in the Kingdom.

You shall formulate a renewal of life purpose with the unconditional acceptance of the Father Life. A singular life purpose to achieving the will of God shall emerge in thee.

The material centered focus upon only tangible appearances shall mature beyond its selfishness .. as selflessness grows. Happiness in the preparation of your Godhood will give you endless enjoyment and peace shall swallow up the past tendencies for warfare and defenses.

The ever-advancing sons and daughters of God shall overthrow all adversities and determination to gain access to the Father’s Kingdom will find a foothold.

The joy of My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter Presence when consciously engaged with and followed in your human life becomes a tonic for health invigorating urges of truthfulness and humility .. honor and honesty.

I shall stimulate your mind into righteousness and remembrance of purpose and divine poise. Dignity of character for the eternity values of existence shall taketh their firm foundations. An unfailing surge for accomplishments of grace and Immortality .. the willingness to concentrate your time upon the Father’s Initiatory Purpose will become for thee a satiating occurrence which leads you to your destiny.

Michael Of Nebadon

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